What is Visionarus Digital Doorman?

Visionarus Digital Doorman is a patent pending solution that allows existing apartment community intercom systems to authenticate and authorize visitors to enter the building using one-time dynamic passwords with voice recognition. The system provides dynamic access control, easy provisioning and revocation, logging, alerting and support for multiple users. All without the need to install any additional hardware.

Up and running in 4 easy steps

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- Sign up for a Visionarus Virtual phone number

- Give your new number to your landlord, or HOA

- Personalize your account

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Security and Convenience

No Hardware needed

Visionarus does not require additional hardware installation. It works with your current intercom system.

No internet needed

Visionarus works with any telephone entry system as long as it can make calls to cell phones.

Strong Authentication

Visionarus uses a voice recognition, one-time password system to authenticate visitors. This technology is the same type of authentication that is used by banks and large corporations.

Dynamic authorization and revocation

Access is granted to each individual separately with remote authorization and revocation.


Know the exact time each of your guests enter the building.

No stale passwords

If someone hears or sees your code, the person won’t be able to use it because a new password is generated every 30 seconds. No shoulder surfing, No replay attacks

Rings all phones

Ring all phones in the house at the same time when someone calls on the intercom.


Generate reports based on entry logs.


Receive a text message on your phone whenever one of your guests enter the property.

1 month free trial

Free with no obligation and no installation costs.

Works offline

The App will continue to generate dynamic passwords even if your smart device is offline for as long as the application is running.


Hosts do not have to stop what they are doing to answer intercom calls. Hosts do not have to touch a phone to let regular guests in.

Works with any phone entry system

Visionarus works with any telephone entry system as long as it can make calls to cell phones or supports SIP.

Works with smartphones, computers, TVs...

The Visionarus app is available natively for Android and iOS. A web client can be used on Windows Phones, Blackberries, and any other device with a web browser.

Over 100 times more secure than PINs

Passwords are not defined by users but rather by a computer algorithm, which does not come up with weak codes, such as birthday dates, anniversaries, 4-digit year, 1111, 1234…

Our Use cases

Domestic Services

Do you have someone coming to take care of children, the elderly, or to perform cleaning services? Assign a dynamic password and uniquely identify and get alerts when the person comes in.

Hospitality services and out of town guests

Run your own Airbnb or have guests visiting? Visionarus can dynamically provide codes to your guests that can later be easily revoked.


Ring all phones at once or have a directory for the apartment unit listing all tenants.

Open Houses

Realtors can replace external lockboxes with our virtual key solution and receive notifications when specific prospects visit the unit. Say goodbye to building and amenity replacement key nightmares.

Garage Entrances

Automate your garage entrance with Visionarus.


Medical units with telephone entry systems can use Visionarus to create a hands-free environment for caregivers.

Compare Solutions


Dumb Intercom

Smart Intercom

No hardware upgrade required

No installation costs

One-month, no commitment, free trial

Does not require the intercom to be connected to the internet

Works with internet connected phone entry systems

Works with phone entry systems connected to phone lines

Phone app does not require internet connectivity to authorize entrance (Guest will be screened even if the host phone is off or without internet)

Phone app available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberries, Smart TVs, and all major web browsers

Supports sub directory of tenants by apartment unit

Can forward calls to an unlimited number of hosts

Supports unlimited number of guests

Does not require other homeowners to be on board to install solution

Can be installed on a per unit base

Can be installed for the entire building

Provides video streaming

Works with low bandwidth connections

Notifies host when guests arrive

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